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Compare your Results

Since 2014, FoCal users have been uploading real-world performance data about cameras and lenses.

We carefully process this information to build detailed, real-world profiles of cameras and lenses, and then feed it back automatically through FoCal Pro and FoCal Mobile Pro so you can see how your kit really performs.

  • AF tuning adjustments required for best image quality
  • Autofocus consistency and accuracy information
  • Lens sharpness profiles
  • Sensor dust information

FoCal Comaprison in Action

See how the FoCal Comparison Data helps you check your kit.

Screenshot from Reikan FoCal showing coloured overlays on a chart

Coloured Overlays

Quickly see how your gear is performing

Red, blue and green areas on charts show ranges of performance:

Above average
Typical Performance
Below average

Easily see if your camera and lenses are behaving normally, or whether they need attention.

A FoCal screenshot showing markers for comparison data and coloured indications of red, blue and green to show quality

Results Compared

Clear indications in numerical results

The icon indicates where comparison data is available, and numerical results are coloured coded as above average, typical or below average.

You can quickly see in all results tables metrics that are worth investigation, or those where your gear outpeforms the norm.

A screenshot from FoCal of the typical comparison page

Typical Comparison

Interpretation of Your Results

The Typical Comparison tab shows interpretation of your results compared to the average of other users of the same camera and lenses.

See clear indications of poor - or great - performance relating to focus consistency, lens astigmatism, calibration values and more.

An Android phone with FoCal running, showing the comparison data

Also supported in FoCal Mobile Pro

Clear and simple comparisons

FoCal Mobile Pro shows performance information for each metric on cards, and those with the icon use real-world comparison data.

Expanding the card shows how your metrics compare to other users of the same gear.

FoCal IQ

Our Database of Camera & Lens Information

As well as feeding the information back to FoCal users to compare their real-world results, we also produce searchable camera and lens information data which you can access at FoCal IQ.

Take a look at detailed information about the performance of over 500 lenses and over 60 cameras:

  • Autofocus performance and calibration requirements
  • Lens optical performance and production quality
  • Camera stabilisation real-world performance
  • Dust and hot-pixel metrics
  • and a lot more!

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