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FoCal Test Centres

If you'd like to benefit from FoCal but aren't able to conduct the testing yourself then we've teamed up with the companies below to have your Camera and Lenses professionally FoCal'd!

The following is a growing list of locations around the world you can contact and arrange to have cameras and lenses calibrated with FoCal.


Professional FoCal calibration services in the UK:



CameraCal offers fast and professional camera and lens calibration as well as sensor cleaning, lens optimisation, servicing, repairs and camera configuration to keep your photographic equipment operating at optimum.

Based in Sussex, with UK wide FedEx pick-up service.


DSLRtech Camera Services provides professional lens calibration, sensor cleaning, camera and lens sales and part exchanges as well as group and one-to-one training to improve your photography.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Photo Seventy Four  

Photo Seventy Four offers professional Canon and Nikon camera and lens calibration, as well as sensor cleaning on both crop and full frame sensors. With a friendly and courteous service, we'll help you get the very best from your camera equipment. Turn that good lens into a great lens and become a sharp shooter with Photo 74.

Covering Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.


Professional FoCal calibration services outside the UK:


East Coast Lens Hire  

East Coast Lens Offers software and hardware calibration solutions that can even be done sameday as well as options for collection and delivery service.

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, providing professional DSLR cameras and lens hire and focus calibration.

Paramount Camera Repair  

Paramount Camera Repair use a combination of Factory Canon and Nikon Service adjustment software and some of the best commercially licensed Focus software to verify calibration

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, providing professional DSLR cameras and lens repair and focus calibration.


Torun School of Photography  

Torun School of Photography offers professional autofocus calibration of Canon and Nikon DSLRs. We use the best licensed calibration software. In addition, we provide services for cleaning the camera sensor, as well as camera configuration to maintain optimal operation of the photographic equipment.

Based in Poland, providing professional autofocus calibration, training courses and sensor cleaning.




AQT with over 20 years experiance in photography and video and one of the top professional stores offering a range of photography and video equipment in Slovakia. Supplying professional Canon, Sony and Nikon equipment and provides customers with software calibration, sensor cleaning, workshops and rental.

Based in Bratislava, Slovakia and providing professional autofocus calibration, training courses and sensor cleaning.


Authorized Camera Repair  

Authorized Camera Repair serving the Philadelphia Pennsylvania metropolitan area, is a full-service photographic equipment repair shop specializing in the repair, maintenance and calibration of digital cameras, lenses, camcorders and sometimes vintage cameras too. On-site professional camera repair technicians provide top quality service and are experts in using FoCal's powerful calibration software to bring out the best your camera and lenses have to offer.

Based in Philadelphia, USA, providing repair, maintenance and calibration of digital and vintage cameras.

Dans Camera City  

Dan's Camera City Provides a wide array of services including photo printing, equipment sales & rentals, classes and photographic equipment servicing.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, providing focus calibration, sensor cleaning, camera card recovery, firmware updates and repairs.


Pictureline is a top-of-the-line camera store serving Utah and surrounding states for over 30 years, catering not only to professionals but to anyone who loves photography. Every product is carefully chosen by long-time expert staff, ensuring every detail of customer experience meets or exceeds expectations. Helping customers create their best photos and videos, providing the right products, rental, education and services.

Based in Utah, USA, providing focus calibration, sensor cleaning, data recovery, classes, camera/printing supply sales online and in store and equipment rental.

PIXEL Connection  

PIXEL Connection are a full service photo & video store and authorized dealers of all major brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus/OM-D, Leica, Sigma and Tamron. Offering repair services, sensor cleaning, camera lens focus calibration, rentals and print services.

Based in Ohio, USA, camera and lens repair, focus calibration, sensor cleaning, equipment rental and sales covering all major brands.

Studio Boise - Center for Photographers  

Studio Boise - Center for Photographers is a community based local photography studio, with the goal to help people in the photography community with all of their rental, service, and educational needs. Studio equipment rentals, camera/lens rentals, studio and event space rentals, as well as educational programs, equipment services (lens calibration/sensor cleaning). Free monthly events, community involvement and support for local artists.

Based in Idaho, USA, providing focus calibration, sensor cleaning, studio space/equipment and camera/lens rentals.


FoCal Commercial Licence Holders

Commercial users must have in-depth experience using FoCal Pro with both Nikon and Canon camera systems and wide variety of lenses. Only expert level users should consider offering a Reikan FoCal calibration service to their clients.

If you'd like to find out more about using FoCal within a commercial setting please visit FoCal License Options.



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