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Mac running Reikan FoCal

All About FoCal

What does FoCal do and why do you need it?

FoCal is software that runs on either a Windows or Mac computer. You simply attach a special calibration target to the wall, connect your camera to the computer using the cable supplied with your camera and start calibrating your camera for sharper photos.

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Feature Details

What does each feature of FoCal do?

FoCal can do much more than just calibrate your camera. You can investigate all sorts of details of how your camera and lens behaves using the extra tools in FoCal Pro.

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Reikan FoCal running on Windows Surface

FoCal 2020 Overview Video

A 5 minute overview of FoCal

We produced a short video showing the main features of FoCal when we released FoCal 2020.

Take a look to see startup, camera connection, all tests and the sort of results you can get.


Is my camera and computer supported?

FoCal works with all Canon and Nikon cameras that support autofocus microadjustment or autofocus fine tune. As new cameras are released, we update the software.

The software works on both Windows and Mac computers too.

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Nikon D500 with lens and Reikan FoCal Target
Reikan FoCal Document Library image on computer


Useful document downloads

We've got a library of a few useful documents available on the website.

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FoCal Test Centres

Have your equipment adjusted for you!

If you'd like to benefit from FoCal but aren't able to conduct the testing yourself then we've teamed up with some professional Test Centres to have your Camera and Lenses FoCal'd.

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