Reikan FoCal - Automatic Focus Calibration Software
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Tune your camera autofocus at the touch of a button.

Check, Tune, Analyse and Shoot Sharper

Reikan FoCal is a software tool that takes control of your camera, guides you through the setup and fully calibrates your camera autofocus with minimal interaction from you.

Watch this 2 minute overview of FoCal - how to set up, check and calibrate and a brief look at other features:

FoCal Features

FoCal runs on Windows and macOS and controls your camera to calibrate and analyse.

Sit Back and Watch

Connect FoCal to your camera and it takes complete control: configuring, adjusting, shooting and analysing all automatically.


A complete calibration can be finished in as little as 90 seconds.

Simple Setup

Attach the FoCal Target to a wall, put the camera on a tripod and connect to the computer. Then you're all set to go.

Dig Deep

With Aperture Sharpness, Autofocus Consistency, MultiPoint Focus, Dust Analysis and more you can analyse every aspect of your camera, sensor and lens.

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Connect. Calibrate.
Shoot Sharp.

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FoCal is available in two versions - FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro.

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FoCal Plus

FoCal Pro
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Details     Buy
Tethered Operation
Fully Auto Calibration
Calibration Check
Target Setup
File Mode
Computer Support Windows   Mac Windows   Mac
Included Updates 12 months 12 months
Stabilisation Test  
Autofocus Consistency  
Aperture Sharpness  
Dust Analysis  
Beta Camera Support  
Test any focus point  
Target Optimisation  
Detailed Analysis  
Save test reports  
Compare your results with 1000s of other users  
Review your test history  
Long Lens Support Lenses up to 400mm focal length. All lenses, including lenses over 400mm.
Camera Support All Canon & Nikon cameras which support AF adjustment. • All Canon & Nikon cameras which support AF adjustment
• BETA supported cameras.
• File Mode: Any camera in File Mode.
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We also offer Commercial License and Club License options, see more FoCal License Options.

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