Beta Camera Support - Reikan FoCal Help

Beta Camera Support

Please note: use of beta supported cameras is available for FoCal Pro/Commercial license holders only.

In order to support a wider range of cameras, we release tether support for some cameras in beta.

Most camera manufacturers release a series of cameras using very similar internal software and hardware components, meaning that from the perspective of control from FoCal they behave in an almost identical manner to each other.

Beta Camera Support within FoCal means that we have not run our extensive suite of validation tests against this specific camera but it is expected to behave very similarly to a camera that we do have access to and have validated against.

Our control software performs extensive safety checks against the cameras to ensure that only features that can be supported are activated, but we can’t be held responsible for any issues that might occur with your camera after it has been connected to FoCal.

We would very much appreciate any feedback for beta support cameras – whether good or bad. All beta support cameras are planned to be fully supported, so any feedback can help us move quickly towards this goal.