Canon Camera Hotkey - Reikan FoCal Help

Canon Camera Hotkey

The Camera Hotkey is a quick way for you to tell FoCal that you’ve made the change and it’s OK to move on.

To do this, half press the shutter button to switch the camera back to photo mode (the menu will go black). Then turn the aperture dial one click to change the aperture.

This change of aperture will tell FoCal that it’s OK to continue the test. FoCal will restore the aperture value back to the appropriate test value, wait a couple of seconds for any movement to settle and then continue the test.

Note: It’s important that the aperture is actually changed – if you’re at the widest aperture (e.g. f/2.8), you’ll usually need to turn the dial clockwise in order to switch to the next aperture (e.g. f/3.2). If you turn in the other direction, you won’t change the aperture and FoCal will not continue.